Quality and Safety of Mikei® Products since March 2011


Product Safety Declaration by Nikkei Company

Since the Japan disaster in March 2011, Nikkei Company has taken every effort to ensure that all Mikei® products are safe even though additional testing is no longer required by regulatory authorities. In addition to the close monitoring of radiation levels of the environment (soil, water, wood-logs) at the Nikkei Co. farm, the raw material and the finished product are also tested for radioactivity. To date, all test reports confirm that no radioactive contamination has been detected in any Mikei products and all Mikei products are safe for consumption.

Product Safety Declaration by Nikkei Company



Distance from Incident and Radiation Dose Measurements

Radiation Levels in Major World Cities



Radiation Test Reports for the Nikkei Co. Farm (Environment)


Radiation Test Report for Mikei Red Reishi (Raw Material)



Radiation Test Reports for Mikei Red Reishi (Finished Product)



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